Feb. 5th, 2011

Okay so I came down with a pretty rotten cold today and spent my time doing nothing except watching Doctor Who (oh Rorrrryyyyy) and reading manga. Fortunately for me, I'd just bought volume 1 of a pretty interesting series! So without further ado, let's discuss Princess Resurrection.

Yeah, it's kind of like that.

In its baldest terms, Princess Resurrection is a manga about an aloof princess named Hime (so, she's Princess Princess) fighting monsters with her chainsaw and robot maid. If that really isn't enough for you (and honestly, why isn't it?), it's also the story of a boy named Hiro Hiroyimi who was fatally hit by a truck on the way to his sister's new job. Unbeknownst to him, Hiro's sister is working for Hime, a 'royal' whose blood can raise the dead. She resurrects Hiro as a blood warrior to fight in her service. This means that he has to help her defend herself against the monsters that the rival royals send to kill her. He's kind of terrible at it, but luckily Hime is a certified badass more than capable of defending both herself and Hiro.

Really, I love this because of the characters of Hime and Riza. Riza is a half-werewolf girl who kicks as much ass as Hime, though unlike Hime she's not as big a jerk. Hime is basically Princess Azula from Avatar with her moral compass skewed more towards the 'good' end of the spectrum- terrifyingly competent, icy calm under pressure, and unmistakably the leader in every situation she finds herself in. Riza's more friendly and allows Hiro a supernatural friend to help him out when things get crazy, as they often do.If you've ever wondered what Supernatural would be like if Dean was a badass princess and Sam was a half-werewolf girl, or how Hellsing would have turned out if the creator's previous projects had been Disney Princess movies instead of hentai, this is the manga for you.

Oh yes, and all the monsters that they fight are from old Hammer Horror movies (Wolfmen, invisible men, creatures from the black lagoon). Yes.


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