Feb. 19th, 2011

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Y'all know I don't normally post about real life happenings (my life is boring, no other deep dark reasons) but last night I dreamed the first episode of Legend of Korra.

This kind of thing happens fairly often, actually. In between Avatar seasons 2 and 3 I dreamed the season 3 first episode (obviously it was nothing like the real first episode, it was set in a ruined desert city and featured some awesome fight scenes and Zuko kneeling in front of Mai asking for forgiveness for.... some reason) and I sometimes dream extra Doctor Who episodes. And one time I had a dream that I was in Inception (Mal and Cobb were hosting a dinner party for everyone only it was super awkward because Mal was still crazy and murderous) only I knew it was a dream and I got my totem out only it was Ariadne's totem so it didn't work and then I woke up. Or did I?

Anyway, Korra.

It was pretty awesome, actually. It had Korra and some friends traveling around in a jungle to learn firebending (her teacher was this cool Sun Warrior type guy) and they stumbled across Aang's tomb. Korra went inside and saw a statue of Aang and then picked up a book that was full of pictures of his adventures. I think there was an urn containing Appa's ashes there too. She had a loooong discussion with her dad (who was Sokka and there for some reason) about what it all meant and living up to Aang's legacy and then some tribal anti-benders attacked. And then there was some fighting and I woke up.

So, uh, yeah. Just kind of wanted to share that. I do hope that we get to see Aang's tomb in Legend of Korra, it would be melancholyawesome.


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