Mar. 26th, 2011

Hi! Well, I haven't posted in a while (Dragon Age had a lot to do with that...) so what have I been doing? Let me present you with a handy bulleted list!

  • Planning essays and dissertations :| Two of them are actually kind of cool: I'm writing about intertextuality in The Lord of the Rings and my Master's dissertation will be on mythology and comic books. This would go better if anybody in the department could actually help me! Weirdly, nobody on the English Literature staff knows that much about comic books. I WONDER WHY. 
  • I've also been watching a Danish crime drama called The Killing, which I highly recommend if you can find it- the main character, Sarah Lund, kicks all kinds of ass and the story is really twisty and interesting. There's like, three or four episodes til the end and I still genuinely have no idea who the killer could be.
  • I'm resisting the urge to buy the new Pokemon game. Partly because my DS is at home, partly because I'm still playing through Dragon Age 2 and Dead Space 2, but mostly because my pokemon strategy is terrible: I catch all the cute ones. FOR SOME REASON this doesn't work out wduring battling. Having a team of like four Jigglypuffs, a Clefairy and a Pikachu is adorable but doesn't make you the pokemon master.
  • My favourite pokemon is actually Bidoof, a creature that my brother charitably nicknamed 'the retarded beaver'. This should probably tell you everything you need to know about me and pokemon.
  • SPEAKING OF VIDEO GAMES I have actually started a new character on Dragon Age 2. Let me introduce you to Hudson Hawke, mage, asshole and owner of some epic sideburns:

His favourite things include telling Carver to quit his girly whining and randomly threatening people with the templars. Unfortunately due to my inability to be mean all the time Hudson comes across as slightly bipolar, which at the very least means that he and Anders will get along well. He has Alistair's haircut, big ears and a weirdy broken-looking nose which the screencap doesn't show too well (headcanon: he walked into a door).

Well, that's me. How are you guys?


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