May. 21st, 2011

Augh I really need to stop forgetting to put links to my fic on here until days and days after I post it. Anyway, those of you who would be interested know anyway, but I finished that Wild West AU and put it up on the dragon_age community:

Born Unto Trouble (Dragon Age 2 Wild West AU, rated G for Goofy)

Now I'm writing another one, so I've nicknamed this AU the BUTT-verse. Yes, I am five.

I finally handed in my essays! Yay! Now I have to write my dissertation! Boo! And today I read Amazons Attack for my dissertation! Double boo. Seriously, that comic is absolutely terrible. I won't go into details but everything from the writing to the plot to the depictions of characters is just eye-gougingly bad. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Unless, you know, you're writing about Amazons for part of your dissertation and find interesting parallels with Greek mythology's use of Amazons and stories of the Other.

Now, some big important (kind of) news! I've been invited on one of my friends' Doctor Who podcast! Every week they record a commentary, and as I have lots of Thoughts and Feelings about Doctor Who I've been invited along to share them! I'll also be (hopefully) doing another one on video games and sci fi/fantasy soon. I'm pretty excited about it, I'm a huge podcast fanatic and to actually be asked to come along and do something like this is totally awesome.

My actual thoughts on today's Who? Not going to spoil anything but I thought it was a good blend of cheesy and creepy! There were definitely moments where I laughed out loud (and wasn't supposed to) but overall it was pretty good! Better than the pirates, at least.


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