Oct. 6th, 2011

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I totally forgot to post about the Doctor Who finale! Which should probably tell you my thoughts on it, I guess. In other words, I was underwhelmed. The fix was completely cheap, I didn't really understand why the Doctor had to marry River, and everything happened way too fast. At least everybody lived, I guess? Merlin was much more satisfying!

Real world wise, I've been applying to jobs left, right and centre and should hear back from 2 interviews I did tomorrow. One of them is something I really want: a job at a gift shop in an historic house. It's only part time and quite difficult to get to, but the people seem really friendly and it's in exactly the sector I want to work in (heritage). Unfortunately my parents don't seem to be so keen: they're more excited about the fact I got offered a 3 month internship in a digital recruitment company writing copy and doing digital things for them. I don't know. Maybe I'm being unambitious but it doesn't appeal to me that strongly at all. And of course I have the interview for this internship on Monday! It seems like a lot of things are happening really quickly and I'm not sure what to do.

Aaaanyway apart from that I've also been enjoying this Pony game. Warning: super addictive!


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