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I got a professional (namely my brother) in to deal with my lich problem in Skyrim- he defeated it in a matter of minutes, all the while deriding my 'skills' and boggling at the quantity of crap I'd been hoarding in my inventory. Maybe one day I'll *need* that potion of weak minor frenzy, brother! And then you'll be sorry! I am tremendously grateful to him for helping me out, though, and the lich dropped a sweet Doctor Doom mask that looks hilarious when worn with my character's usual outfit of leather armour and a big axe.

Anyway, this means that Skuld Wyrmsdottir is now the Arch-Mage and I've spent a few of my in-game hours clearing the room she was given of everything sellable and wasting that money on a really slow horse. Now I'm pursuing the main questline (hoping to get some better dragon shouts- 'calm animal' is for sissies) as well as doing some work for the Bard's College. I hope I can make my character sing at some point! That would be sweet.

Is anybody else getting the mammoth-humping glitch in their game? Whenever I see mammoths there's always one perched halfway up the backside of another. In the half-dawn of a Nordic winter I find it a quietly majestic sight.

I apologize for the current deluge of Skyrim! Soon I will be working and I will have to leave the land of the Nords behind for a while, so please bear with me until then :p
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