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Title: Telling Tales
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Summary: Varric isn't the only character with a story to tell.

I keep forgetting to do this auuuugh

(I made up a dwarven legend for this. I really need some hobbies)
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Title: Mother Tongue
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Summary: Anders' relationship to language is about as complicated as his relationship to everything else. Dedicated to [ profile] zeitheist, who gave me the initial idea and encouraged the thinky thoughts.

(also an experiment to see if I could write a fic about two languages without having to conclusively state what they speak in the Anderfels)
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I've been holding off on this to avoid spammage but I figure now is as good a time as any to post it: all the fic I've been doing lately! Yay!

I've been posting my shorter fic over on tumblr because I don't feel it's long enough for a proper post, so that comes first:

Hat's Entertainment (Dragon Age: isabela, Merrill and Varric shop for hats)

About Stories (Dragon Age: The life and times of Varric Tethras)

What Is This Feeling
(Dragon Age: fem!Nathaniel and fem!Anders, complicated ladyfeelings)

And secondly, livejournal fic!

Title: Queen of Air and Darkness
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Witchy business
Rating: G
Summary: Originally written for Dragon Age Ladies week on Tumblr befire it turned into Morrigan week. I can think of no lady more awesome than Flemeth, and I've been wanting to write a bit about her life and times for a while. Replaying Origins recently has helped! Title is from The Once and Future King, although Flemeth is far and away better than any of the witches in that.

Here at dragon_age
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Of course the DDOS attacks ease off just as I'm about to go on holiday :p See you all in a week! I kind of need this break tbh, I can't seem to shake this cold and I want the extra time to try and get into A Game Of Thrones, which I brought to take on holiday with me!

I leave you with a sample of dialogue from Hudson's Legacy playthrough, which was just so him that it made me snort with happy, surprised laughter:

'He (Malcolm Hawke) lives on through what he taught us. And these weird magical contraptions.'

(It's really bad, Hudson is basically my favourite of my Hawkes and he's a sarcastic asshole with ridiculous hair)

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So in other news I keep forgetting to do this.

Title: Draw me like one of your French girls
Author: [ profile] thewaterbandit 
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Very silly
Rating: B for Bawdy
Summary: Varric and Isabela hold an impromptu art class at the Hawke Estate. Came out of a pondering of the distinction between 'nude' and 'naked' while setting my tumblr savior tags. Be sure to check the comments for some lovely art by [ profile] quinn_wolf !

"Varric. Couch." His voice was becoming increasingly strangled. "Naked."
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Title: How Far We've Come
Author: [ profile] thewaterbandit 
Spoilers: None really
Warnings: None
Summary: [ profile] featheredraven drew me an awesome picture of my Hudson Hawke and his lady love Merrill, and in return I offered to write her something. She requested Anders, Nathaniel and Hawke hanging out, and so here it is! (also Varric sneaked in somehow). Please be forgiving as this is the first time I've written Nathaniel Howe, and not having played Awakenings my facts on him before research were: 'he looks like Snape and sounds like Batman' and 'something something Grey Wardens'.
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Welp, I'm back in Cardiff and finishing up essays. It's actually kind of frustrating atm as I'm more or less done but I'm waiting on my lecturers to get back to me on my drafts. So I'm kind of stuck with nothing to do while everyone else I know is knee deep in essays and revision, feeling a mixture of horribly guilty and bored. ):

At least my Dragon Age Wild West au fic is finally coming along! I have started it literally 3 different times. Now the main problem is that I thought it was going to be like this:

When in fact it's turning into this:


In other news that pirate episode of Doctor Who suuuuuuuucked. I hope that this week's is better!
Hi! Well, I haven't posted in a while (Dragon Age had a lot to do with that...) so what have I been doing? Let me present you with a handy bulleted list!

  • Planning essays and dissertations :| Two of them are actually kind of cool: I'm writing about intertextuality in The Lord of the Rings and my Master's dissertation will be on mythology and comic books. This would go better if anybody in the department could actually help me! Weirdly, nobody on the English Literature staff knows that much about comic books. I WONDER WHY. 
  • I've also been watching a Danish crime drama called The Killing, which I highly recommend if you can find it- the main character, Sarah Lund, kicks all kinds of ass and the story is really twisty and interesting. There's like, three or four episodes til the end and I still genuinely have no idea who the killer could be.
  • I'm resisting the urge to buy the new Pokemon game. Partly because my DS is at home, partly because I'm still playing through Dragon Age 2 and Dead Space 2, but mostly because my pokemon strategy is terrible: I catch all the cute ones. FOR SOME REASON this doesn't work out wduring battling. Having a team of like four Jigglypuffs, a Clefairy and a Pikachu is adorable but doesn't make you the pokemon master.
  • My favourite pokemon is actually Bidoof, a creature that my brother charitably nicknamed 'the retarded beaver'. This should probably tell you everything you need to know about me and pokemon.
  • SPEAKING OF VIDEO GAMES I have actually started a new character on Dragon Age 2. Let me introduce you to Hudson Hawke, mage, asshole and owner of some epic sideburns:

His favourite things include telling Carver to quit his girly whining and randomly threatening people with the templars. Unfortunately due to my inability to be mean all the time Hudson comes across as slightly bipolar, which at the very least means that he and Anders will get along well. He has Alistair's haircut, big ears and a weirdy broken-looking nose which the screencap doesn't show too well (headcanon: he walked into a door).

Well, that's me. How are you guys?
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Title: Anders Gets Pussy
Author: [ profile] thewaterbandit 
Spoilers: None really, set during Act 2
Disclaimer:This was one of those fic ideas where you get the title and work backwards. Crossposted from [ profile] kittens4anders 

Anders has a giiiirlfrieeeeend

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So I finished Dragon Age 2 )

Welp, it was no Mass Effect, that's for sure. But it filled the gap for a while and I'm not sorry I played it. I'll be giving it a rest for a while then starting an M!Hawke playthrough, or maybe another Zinda playthrough now I know what to avoid.
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Yes, you can guess what I've been doing. I have done other stuff- on Saturday I went to a Decemberists gig, which was phenomenal, and I'm also back at uni and studying for my essays. But ofc that all takes a back seat to Zinda Hawke's adventures in Qunari trolling.

SPOILERS for act two )
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Dragon Age 2 arrived! It runs a bit like crap on my mac, graphics-wise, and sometimes my mouse bugs out during combat, but now I finally have a game to play at uni! I'm really loving the story and it looks like my VA fears were all restricted to the demo. I loved seeing all the little differences from the demo, actually, and I'm really getting into the story. I actually played a bit longer than I intended to this morning- Fenris' voice is unexpectedly sexy and so of course I had to help him out with his troubles.

As for my Hawke? Well!

I think she looks pretty alright! :D I'm especially in love with her nose. (also pictured: Bethany's questionable hair decisions. Sisters.)
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I am home! It is reading week! My brother let me download the Dragon Age 2 demo on his xbox! It's really fun, and I mostly had the same reactions as everyone else (e.g holy cow Isabella's smuggling beach balls in her top, gee whiz this combat is fun, Lady Hawke, why are you so hot) and I loved the rogue combat. Vanishing in a puff of smoke, reappearing and then stabbing dudes in the kidneys fills me with glee. I did find the voice acting kind of flat, though, especially Bethany's. 'British' doesn't mean 'lifeless', people!

Hasn't stopped me from planning out my Hawkes in advance, though! March 11th can't come fast enough.

In other news, KORRA HAS A FACE AND IT IS AWESOME. Totally a descendant of Sokka, y/y?


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