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Well, I must be more burned out by the end of term than I thought because I haven't been able to write anything. All I've wanted to do is play ME2, watch Supernatural and read manga. Oh yes, and watch the Glee finale and get sniffly because I am a big sap. In which capacity I have been performing admirably, but really this needs to stop. So I've tried to kick start my writing with this meme.

1. Put on your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.
2. For each song, write something inspired by it. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs!
3. Do 14 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/artist.

Reading these back, I seem to have been a bit preoccupied with death and serious business like that. So, um, sorry if these seem a bit samey. I hope the variety of fandoms at least makes them kind of different (and now I need to go and worry about my mental state).

Fandoms: Hetalia, Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name, Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Princess And The Frog, Avartalia )
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Now I have ready access to a scanner (and some essays to procrastinate on) I can bother you with my doodlings! So [ profile] futuresoon 's Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name genderbends were so cool that I decided to try some of my own:

There's usually more male-to-female than female-to-male genderbends. I wonder why that is? )
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Yes, I did some genderbends of my own. Thanks.

(I put it behind a cut to spare people the fugly)

Sorry for cruddy iphone image- my scanner is still broken )
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Title: Cigarettes and hemoglobin
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Conrad Achenleck, Doc Worth
Rating: PG-13 for mild swears
Warnings: Doc Worth
Summary: [ profile] futuresoon made me do it.

"did you think I was a magical blood fairy?"  )


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