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I just deleted my very first internet book club review (the one I did on The Name of the Wind). It went up about a year ago and every couple of weeks since I've gotten a youtube comment telling me how wrong I am, how stupid my opinions are and, occasionally, to go f*ck myself. The final straw came today with this little masterpiece:

Cut for NSFW language )
I know that in a sense I am letting them win by deleting it (also I'm not sure what exactly they meant, their grammar and syntax are a little odd), but I honestly can't be bothered with that level of vitriol over a book I haven't read since I reviewed it (and, thanks to its fans, will probably never read again). I have other reviews in friendlier forums and frankly I am not in a happy place at the moment and I don't need the extra grief.

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So nervous about this one. I had very different opinions on the Hunger Games series, as you will find out.
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I'm afraid there will be no review today (or next week) as I'm at home for Reading Week in a house full of noisy builders, and as I like to at least maintain the veneer of semi-respectability I don't want to record with drilling in the background. However, I'll still be reading and writing reviews of stuff and will have some more recorded as soon as I can.

In the meantime, a comic recommendation: Mouse Guard by David Petersen is a lushly illustrated chronicle in the vein of Redwall, only much less jolly. The titular Guard must constantly patrol and monitor the routes between mouse cities in the wilderness and come under attack from owls, weasels, crabs and snakes, as well as political threats from within. Their world is brutal, and their lives are short. However, Petersen has obviously poured a lot of thought and love into this project, and each mouse city has a distinct character and design. The Guard itself has a rich history that is used to form the backing of the plot, and as you read you truly believe that this world has a depth you don't often find in stories of this type. The best comparison I can make is the Lord of the Rings films.

Here's the site to get a flavour of the art
. It's well worth a look.
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Yes that's my prized Green Lantern t-shirt. Unexpectedly harsh review today, I think being hungry when I filmed it made me crosser.
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Early Halloween episode! I'm not sure how it turned into a semi-marxist reading at the end there, but oh well!
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I don't know if this will continue to be a weekly thing, but I do enjoy making these videos rather a lot! Here's my Boneshaker review anyway- bask in the crappiness of my home-made goggles!
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It's official, I have watched way too many internet video review shows.


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