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So, I have been working hard for the moneys and haven't had much free time to myself to do anything other than come down with a  truly horrific cold and play Skyrim. I've been amusing myself by writing up some drabbles from my main playthrough: Skuld Wrymsdottir met up with Erik the Slayer (who is nice but a bit stupid) and Barbas, who is a talking dog. Together the three of them roam around Skyrim having hijinks. Right now they're solving a grisly murder although it's more Inspector Clouseau than, say, The Killing.

(Let me gush for a moment about The Killing (the second series of the Danish crime drama, not the inferior shouty American remake)- I LOVE THE KILLING. It is SO GOOD. I especially love how Sarah Lund, the main character, is a female lead who is allowed to look tired all the time and walks away in the middle of conversations that don't interest her. She is amazing. I love her).

Anyway, here are the aforementioned drabbles, reposted from my tumblr. In The Hangover, Skuld regrets interrupting a murder investigation for a drinking contest, and in Seems Legit we see that she is a terrible judge of character.

The Hangover )

Seems Legit )


Nov. 11th, 2011 01:39 pm


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I have lately been enjoying Phineas and Ferb (it's totaly [ profile] rionaleonhart's fault) but due to the kind of show it is- i.e utterly insane- my mind is brimming with questions. So many questions! So many, in fact, that I've decided to set them out here for future reference, as it is from questions like these that fic is made and it's nice to have a list. (I do this internally for all my fandoms: see also- who taught Merlin to read? What religion did they have on Gallifrey, if any? Why doesn't Rarity see her parents very often but regularly has her little sister visit? Does Anders speak Anderfels-ian? Phineas and Ferb just seems to generate more than average)

Two sections here because the questions tend to cluster.

  • How did they get a pet platypus and what on earth do they feed him?
  • Where did Perry find a tiny fedora and how does it stay on his head?
  • Why doesn't he ever use his poisonous spurs?
  • How come Ferb still has his accent?
  • Does it have something to do with him not talking much?
  • What on earth do the two of them get out of ordinary school?
  • Where do they get the money for their projects?
  • In Rollercoaster: the Musical Phineas seems to imply that he has all the right permits so do they get planning permission for all their projects?
  • Who the hell gives two children planning permission to build giant mazes and rollercoasters across town?

  • Is English his first language?
  • What language do they even speak in Gimmelstump, I mean what kind of Eastern European country has ocelots and kickball and still wears lederhosen (actually I have a theory about it being a province of Latveria, Dr. Victor von Doom's country, that might explain this)
  • How did Doofenshmirtz learn to read and write from ocelots?
  • Or get any kind of education really?
  • Or subsequently get into university in order to be educated to PHD level?
  • I assume his doctorate is in engineering?
  • ALSO how did he get the money to leave Gimmelstump in the first place, did he win a scholarship? I find this unlikely given how spectacularly unlucky he is.
  • Also the aforementioned ocelot thing.
  • Also he's incredibly well adjusted considering his childhood. Good going Doof.
  • Do the Danville police have an arrangement with Major Monogram re: the scientist who commits what are (admittedly half-arsed) acts of terrorism against THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA or do they just not care considering how ineffective he is?
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But if I don't turn it in I will be TARDY D:

I already identified with Twilight Sparkle way too much, but now I realise she is basically me as a purple unicorn. I, too, have had gigantic panic attacks about being tardy, although the threat wasn't magic kindergarten but unspecified horrible crushing failure.

Why is it

Sep. 24th, 2011 04:10 pm
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Why is it indeed, livejournal, that during a series of Doctor Who that has been packed with more emotion than any preceding one (lost babies! True Love Conquers All! Possible DEAAAAATH! Time Displacement! Etc!) as well as the summer I spent reading a Song of Ice and Fire (also known as Emotional Gutpunch: The Series) AND the end of AC:Brotherhood the thing in recent media that has affected me most was grey!Twilight Sparkle after her friends had abandoned her, standing under a raincloud and crying?

I mean

I'm not sure I can even watch that episode again. That was just too distressing.

(Everything turned out okay, though! And it was a great episode, don't get me wrong: I think I'm just rather emotionally overinvested in pony friendship)

EDIT: Tonight's Doctor Who, by the way, was lovely until the last ten minutes or so. Matt Smith is a wonderful actor and I wish to give him all the hugs, and I am heartily sick of River Song.
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With the advent of a new season, sometimes someponies feel like their interest in things might have waned. Maybe they're not so interested in dressing up, or they remembered that they're no good at fair isle knitting and had to get another pony to help them (thanks mum!). Maybe they think they look stupid, or they've never worn a wig before.

However, if you persist and give it a go, you might be surprised by the results!


Your very faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

p.s series 2 episode 1 ROCKED.
Hey guys! So on Saturday I went to the London Film and Comic Convention (it's kind of becoming a yearly tradition!) with [ profile] flying_girl73 . As usual, it was fun but exhausting, and I met a lot of cool people and picked up some nerd crap I couldn't get anywhere else. For example! I got the Knight & Squire collected tpb signed by the artist, Jimmy Broxton, who due to my complete inability to talk normally thought I asked for 'Knight on Squire action' and proceeded to laugh hysterically for about five minutes while I blushed (for those not in the know: Squire is 16. Knight is... considerably older) and then drew me a lovely picture that was thankfully not what I'd asked for. I also got Avatar: The Lost Adventures and another pony (Applejack!). The con this year was totally rammed because everyone wanted to see Karen Gillan (she was screened off in her own corner, it was insane) but I suppose it wasn't as crowded is it might have been in the US! You guys have the really serious cons.

Now, the other reason i go to these things is to see the cosplayers. Not in any weird way, I just really love seeing people dressed up as their favourite characters and enjoying themselves, and I get a kick out of sharing a moment with someone when I recognise who they are. So 90% of the pictures I take are of cosplayers, and I thought I'd share them with you guys!

Pictures pictures pictures! )

Anywhoo, that's it for cosplayer fun until the video games con in October, when I hope to participate myself! I was thinking of being human Twilight Sparkle. Apparently the wig wouldn't be as hard to do as I thought and I already own most of the stuff I'd need (completely by accident, I dress in a lot of pink and purple anyway) and I might knit a sweatervest with her cutie mark as a sort of argyll pattern. Kind of like this? I'll keep you all posted.
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Soooooo yesterday the postman delivered something (or rather, someone) very exciting!

(She's reading Descartes on literary theory, there).

Yes, in order to motivate myself to finish my first draft, I ordered a Twilight Sparkle to help me with my studies. She's adorable and tiny (my time-travelling Pinkie Pie looms over her) and her hair is incredibly frustrating as it is not show-accurate AT ALL. I know that little girls will want to brush it, but how hard could it have been to give her a straight fringe and get the mane colours the right way round? I have been looking at hair restyling tutorials (in the process finding this amazing custom Celestia, holy crap) but I'm nervous about taking scissors and boiling water to my Twilight as I had to order her from Portugal.

Anyway, here's one final photo of Twilight in situ on my shelf, featuring some more of my nerd crap.

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Title: Anders Gets Pussy
Author: [ profile] thewaterbandit 
Spoilers: None really, set during Act 2
Disclaimer:This was one of those fic ideas where you get the title and work backwards. Crossposted from [ profile] kittens4anders 

Anders has a giiiirlfrieeeeend

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So I finished Dragon Age 2 )

Welp, it was no Mass Effect, that's for sure. But it filled the gap for a while and I'm not sorry I played it. I'll be giving it a rest for a while then starting an M!Hawke playthrough, or maybe another Zinda playthrough now I know what to avoid.
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Yes, you can guess what I've been doing. I have done other stuff- on Saturday I went to a Decemberists gig, which was phenomenal, and I'm also back at uni and studying for my essays. But ofc that all takes a back seat to Zinda Hawke's adventures in Qunari trolling.

SPOILERS for act two )
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Dragon Age 2 arrived! It runs a bit like crap on my mac, graphics-wise, and sometimes my mouse bugs out during combat, but now I finally have a game to play at uni! I'm really loving the story and it looks like my VA fears were all restricted to the demo. I loved seeing all the little differences from the demo, actually, and I'm really getting into the story. I actually played a bit longer than I intended to this morning- Fenris' voice is unexpectedly sexy and so of course I had to help him out with his troubles.

As for my Hawke? Well!

I think she looks pretty alright! :D I'm especially in love with her nose. (also pictured: Bethany's questionable hair decisions. Sisters.)
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Saw this, couldn't help sharing. Fun fact: I used to watch CSI and all of its offshoots religiously. Crime dramas appeal to something very deep within my psyche. I think it's the puzzles!

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Hello. I'm Livi, I'm 22 years old, and I like My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.

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Early Halloween episode! I'm not sure how it turned into a semi-marxist reading at the end there, but oh well!

Grab Bag

Aug. 1st, 2010 10:45 pm
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So! In light of the rather depressing developments on the Funimation Hetalia dub front, I've been seeking my historical lulz elsewhere, namely the Horrible Histories tv series. Yes, it's a kid's sketch show but it's also hilarious and (mostly) accurate, with lots of BBC brand silliness. And youtube throws up gems like Spartan/Athenian Wife Swap, a George I-IV boyband number, Spartan High School Musical and this song about the women of WW2:

And this one which, um, yes.

(basically if you loved the Too Late To Apologize video you'll love this stuff)

In other news, yes I have been watching Sherlock and yes it *is* very shippy. And very Doctor-Who-lite. So it's perfect to tide me over 'til the Christmas Special :D. I think I've worked out how to do a crossover anyway, so watch this space.

(also I've been reading up in Ancient Rome and their weirder habits and oh, Rory. Your brain must be such an interesting place)


Jul. 2nd, 2010 12:03 pm
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So, you guys know how much I love Wonder Woman, right? I love Wonder Woman like burning. I love her strength, and her authourity, and her beautiful Classical mythology background that no other superhero has, rooting her in a tradition that is both unique, interesting and (I'd argue) pretty damn empowering.

So then the most recent writer decided to throw all that away and drastically alter her origin and costume.

Oooh, that costume. That horrible, horrible 90's tastic costume.

Yes, she is in trousers now (It amuses me with all the bloggers saying she's wearing 'pants'- to me she was wearing pants before, only we call them 'knickers' :p ) and that is, yes, a score for practicality. But look at this thing. What, exactly, about skinny jeans, spurs, a bustier and a 90's bolero jacket say 'ambassador of an Ancient Greek warrior culture'? It is not 'tough' or 'elegant', it's dated and a little bit embarrassing. It also underscores the major problem of this overhaul: Wonder Woman cannot be a modern American woman. She isn't. She's an Amazon, raised on an island of warriors, poets and scholars and closer, ethnically and culturally, to the Ancient Greeks. This new origin removes anything that made her interesting or different to the hordes of other female superheroes, and strips her of her power, dignity and strength. Instead, she's an 'urban fantasy' heroine of the type that leaves me, personally, rather cold.

If a redesign was needed (and it probably was, don't get me wrong) then it needed to be along the lines of this or this, not this. We even already know that it can work as a look. Hopefully this new design and origin won't last and we'll be back to regular programming soon.*fingers crossed*

(Also, Wonder Woman shouldn't have black in her costume for the same reason Superman shouldn't have black on his. They're heroes. Batman only gets away with it because when was the last time you saw a red, blue and gold bat?)

Discussion of the costume that knows rather more about what it's talking about than mine.
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I just... just.... okay, no spoilers, but this was my reaction:


I think I finally like River Song a teeny little bit! And Rory! Rorrrrryyyyy! Oh man, Rory. I love Rory. He's the best dude companion ever, and I will fight anybody who says different.

(Also. Also Ten. May um. May have a contender for 'my doctor'. Oh, Eleven.)


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