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I have been wanting to do this for a long time! Okay, so as it is Halloween and all things spoooooky are in order, I thought I'd share some original fiction I wrote about three years ago. I like writing horror a lot, and when I write outside of fandom it's my comfort zone, so to speak. I love to do with words what artists like Emily Carroll manage in pictures. Sometimes I even manage it within fandom, although that's rare! re-reading it, I still think this short story is pretty good. I don't think I've ever really matched this again, so it's nice to put it out here and share it with all of you.

The poem is 'Saturday Market' by Charlotte Mew. I have omitted the second stanza for brevity.

Bury your heart in some deep green hollow

Or hide it up in a kind old tree;

Better still, give it the swallow

When she goes over the sea.


They call it Abbott's Water )
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This was the most fun to write. For the prompt 'evil/mad science' the secret origin of one of my oldest characters, Penny Dreadful the Victorian Steampunk mad scientist.

'Foolishly, the staff and I believed that our influence was prevailing on her to act in a more civilised manner' )


Oct. 30th, 2010 04:14 pm
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Another [ profile] origfic_bingo prompt, this time 'posession/mind control', though it could also be 'fairy tales/folklore/mythology'.

I always found Ariel vaguely creepy... )
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Okay, I have finished all my [ profile] origfic_bingo  challenges! I'm afraid that my prompt choice was all over the shop, so I don't know if this counts as proper bingo or not. Anywhoo, I'm putting all the ones for my Steampunk Robin Hood in this post, then I'll post the other two in posts of their own. Sorry for spamming you like this.

Cloud Watching )

Hot Cocoa or Equivalent (of course I had to make it tea) )

And its companion, Spilt Personality )
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Well, after that I think you guys deserve something more regular! Here's something I wrote for [ profile] origfic_bingo that doesn't quite fit into any of the categories any more. Consider it a 'teaser trailer' for one of my original universes- if you like this, you'll probably like what I post at the end of the month!

From the New Nottingham News, 1894 )
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I have (maybe somewhat foolishly, given my current education status) signed up for [ profile] origfic_bingo - hopefully this will take the place of my much lamented creative writing classes and help me continue writing original stuff. And maybe give me a much-needed excuse to do something creative other than knitting small cute animals and watching The Spoony Experiment.

My card is under the cut! )


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