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It's all editing from here, baby!

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What have I been doing with my life since Christmas? Here, have a handy bulleted list.
  • Writing essays like my life depends on it (which is kinda does aaaarrrgh)
  • Using said essays as an opportunity to hate on Thomas Edison and the Prince Regent, so that's kind of cool
  • Working on a new episode of Internet Book Club- I have Thoughts on the Hunger Games trilogy that I need to share!
In other news I finally removed the Hetalia main community from my feed ): It was sad, but now I don't have to scroll past ten bajillion weepy England-uke- fics to read what I'm actually interested in! On a not unrelated note, can anybody recommend any Doctor Who lj comms?
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Okay! It is fairly obviously no longer my birthday so I think I'd better put something up here to move that post down a bit. Things have calmed down here now, and everything's winding up for the Christmas holidays. Also, I've been learning today about some of the history of fanfiction and basically admitted in a seminar that I write Doctor Who fic. This means that a) I was horribly embarrassed and b) I've been in a writey mood! But! I've been out of practice for so long I don't know what exactly I want to write.

So, I'm opening up the floor to requests. Give me a request for anything, fic or original, and I'll write a couple of paragraphs for you.

(The usual restrictions apply re: rating, fandom)
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I'm back in Cardiff! And all it took was a fiendishly hot and slow 4 hour coach journey. I swear, if I never see the interior of a National Express coach it will be too soon. Anyway, thought it'd update you all because when I got back I saw THESE

So rest assured, [ profile] futuresoon , the t-shirt arrived safely and uncontaminated by fondant! I haven't done the taste comparison yet partly because my brain has melted and partly because I have bigger plans for it than just scoffing the thing and telling you all what it tasted like.

And now, a meme from [ profile] oz_the_bobble :

Comment to this post and I'll give you three of your fandoms. Then copy and paste the questions into your journal and fill it out.

She gave me Hetalia, Doctor Who and Merlin )
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Well, I haven't been blogging lately, largely because nothing blog-worthy has been happening to me and I haven't had time to work on anything fannish for a while (hoo boy, Final Leg Syndrome is kicking in hard this term) though I have had ideas. Ideas which will, trust me, be expanded upon when I have the time.

Meanwhile I've been enjoying Glee (even though I know I shouldn't, what is WRONG WITH ME), sticking with Being Human, and finishing Lucky Star. It seems that wacky slice-of-life anime is my thing. Who knew?

Oh yes, and I can't play Mass Effect 2 yet and it is KILLING ME. Mass Effect remains my favourite game of all time (OF ALL TIME) and the fact that a sequel exists and yet is beyond my grasp is just maddening. Never mind that the internet is abuzz with how totally awesome it is. Grah.

And also I drew the Avatarlia Water Tribe Nations to counteract the awful Superbowl trailer )
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Nothing especially lulzy has been happening to me lately, mainly because I have been buried under an avalanche of work that the previous two years of uni have left me entirely unprepared for. So I've been alternating between working like a rabid beaver and wallowing in self-pity, neither of which are particularly fun to talk about on the interwebs.

But I had to share that on Sunday I saw a guy in church who looked exactly like teenage!England. He even had the same sort of nose that people who do real-world pictures usually give real!England. It was incredible.

I would have tried for a picture but he saw me staring and walked away. What was reallife!England doing in Wales anyway?

EDIT: I just wanted to say, one of the things that has really picked me up when I'm feeling grumpy is the amazing comments you guys put on the love meme. So thank you, and I'm sorry I've been a brat and not thanked you all sooner.
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It's come to my attention that today is National Poetry Day! I love poetry (I'm doing my dissertation on John Milton, so I'd better) and I thought I'd mark the occasion by putting up a poem I like very much, by one of my favourite women poets: Charlotte Mew.

The Call
by Charlotte Mew (1869 – 1928)

From our low seat beside the fire
Where we have dozed and dreamed and watched the glow
Or raked the ashes, stopping so
We scarcely saw the sun or rain
Above, or looked much higher
Than this same quiet red or burned-out fire.
To-night we heard a call,
A rattle on the window-pane,
A voice on the sharp air,
And felt a breath stirring our hair,
A flame within us: Something swift and tall
Swept in and out and that was all.
Was it a bright or a dark angel? Who can know?
It left no mark upon the snow,
But suddenly it snapped the chain
Unbarred, flung wide the door
Which will not shut again;
And so we cannot sit here any more.
We must arise and go:
The world is cold without
And dark and hedged about
With mystery and enmity and doubt,
But we must go
Though yet we do not know
Who called, or what marks we shall leave upon the snow.

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Wrote something for 09/09/09 today at the Hetalia comm.

England's reaction is very closely modelled on my dad's, who was eleven when he heard the Beatles for the first time and grew up to be the Ringo in a Beatles tribute group, believe it or not. He was Not Keen on the idea of a Beatles: Rock Band, but he did like the opening cinematic. He's much more excited about the remastered tracks coming out today. (I am too, because it sews up Christmas and Birthday presents rather neatly for about the next five years).

An anecdote: When my brother, my dad and I went to New York last year, we didn't see the Statue of Liberty. We did trek halfway across the city to Central Park to see the John Lennon memorial, though. It's a question of priorities.

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Breaking news as a power cut cripples the internet in the Chessington area and many homes are left completley free of tubes. Our correspondent interviewed one bereft denizen of the nets.

"It's terrible. I can't get online at all and when I do I can't visit any of my usual comms because I'm at work or in a public library."

Sources close to the internet service provider claim that the intertubes will be unclogged by Friday. Until then all we can do is hope and pray for these poor, netless citizens.

this is my rather dramatic way of informing you all why I've disappeared a bit. I'll be trying to get online whenever I can, but the outlook isn't good. Try not to break it while I'm gone!

oh yes and for my American friends the title is a text rendition of the BBC news opening music. It's enjoyably self-indulgent and dramatic.


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