Apr. 18th, 2011 09:05 pm
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Well, thanks to the dragon_age friending meme there's rather a few more of you reading this than there were before, so I thought I'd make a proper HELLO EVERYONE post. Things you need to know about me:
  • I like to put things in bulleted lists
  • I'm currently alternating my time between Cardiff and London, doing a master's degree in English Literature. I'm just over halfway through now so everything's getting a bit stressful! My dissertation will be on the use of mythology in comic books, with a focus on Wonder Woman.
  • This would be great if anybody at all wrote about it :|
  • I like to write fanfic, which you can find under the fic tag. I've most recently written for Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Doctor Who, and before that I did a lot of Hetalia fic but nobody wants to hear about that.
  • Sometimes I make video reviews of nerdy books in the grand tradition of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.
  • I'm currently gearing up to get extremely excited about the new series of Doctor Who, especially the prospect of more Rory. I tend to fangirl the 'ordinary' characters in things really really hard.
  • I like to use italics for emphasis.
  • I have a tumblr if you really can't get enough of me.
  • I believe that special occasions like these are best celebrated with gifs:

So welcome, friends old and new! I'm thrilled that you're here.

Q&A time!

Sep. 29th, 2010 05:06 pm
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Five questions from [livejournal.com profile] skelody , hooray!

What's the first book you remember reading on your own?

This rather dreadful series of books called Animal Ark, which were about a girl whose parents are both vets. they all had alliterative titles like Rabbit on the Run or Pony in the Paddock and they were exactly the kind of thing a very young girl reading on her own would love. (To make me sound cooler I was going to say something like Asterix but nope, it was Animal Ark. I can only plead that my tastes have improved somewhat)

Your Bedroom
You are standing in your bedroom. It is probably around two in the afternoon, but you can't be sure -- portals to Unknown Dimensions block every conceivable escape route, including the windows.

An empty backpack lies on the floor.

Make a rope out of bedsheets, fill my backpack with books, knitting stuff and biscuits (yes I keep biscuits in my room shush) and pick a portal at random, tying the bedsheet-rope to my bed so I can get back.

Anything you really want to learn, but doubt that you ever will? Why?

I would love to learn another language- maybe Mandarin, or Latin, or just become fluent in one of the ones I already speak, but I don't think I ever will because that kind of thing requires time, effort and proper classes and I am very lazy.

Pockets or pocketbooks? (Or like, messenger bags or backpacks or hidden compartments in your shoes, but that's not as fun to say.)

Pockets! (do not get me started on the Women's Clothing and Pockets Rant, we'll be here all day) and this bag:

Only mine is canvas with a blue-and-white sailboat pattern and a pink, blue and white strap. It's beautiful. I love this bag.

obligatory FIVE:
Which Doctor is... your Doctor?

Oh no, I can't decide! it used to be Ten until the series got all weird and bombastic, and now I like Eleven because he's funny and professorish, but then Ten is still very handsome and funny and... argh you see my dilemma! I shall have to give them both the top spot.

Want to heckle? Wish to receive five questions of your own? Comment below!
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The desktop meme that [livejournal.com profile] futuresoon just did:

1. Stop what you're doing. Print Screen.
2. Print screen your current desktop.
3. If you have Photoshop open, print screen.
4. If you have a music player open, print screen.
5. Pick a folder, open it, print screen.

This will probably surprise nobody )
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Via my usual source of such things ([livejournal.com profile] futuresoon ) another meme: This time with icons!

Comment here and I will pick six of your icons, you then copy and paste this in your LJ along with your explanations/comments/squeeage about each one.

This is good, because it will give me practice adding images to comments

icons and rambling under the cut! )


Jan. 30th, 2010 05:44 pm
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Why can't I find nerdy girl's t-shirts that are a) nice and b) don't cost silly money to ship to the UK?


p.s I saw the new Star Trek movie for the first time yesterday and holy crap the internet wasn't kidding about it being incredibly good. Even if I did recognise the engine room as a brewery more or less instantly. I don't know what that says about me....
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This is our FOURTH consecutive day of rain. If you guys don't hear me for a while I'm either

a) drowning


b) stockpiling lumber and gathering 2 of every animal

Seriously Wales I am NOT IMPRESSED with this weather. And after I wrote a fic with you in it and everything!

Waters of Mars tonight aaaaaaah
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So I promised [livejournal.com profile] _solaeris that I'd talk about attending the workshops and recordings that the BBC took to my university, and now's as good a time as any to write it up, I suppose! First things first, I didn't actually end up getting to see the News Quiz being recorded. Apparently Sandi Toksvig was too ill to travel that day so they recorded it up in London instead. As you can imagine, this was incredibly annoying, but as it turned out the workshops turned out to be pretty good so I suppose it evened out in the end!

The Torchwood workshop was all about the radio plays that had been commissioned to promote Children of Earth, and they focused on Asylum in particular. It was a little embarrassing because I hadn't actually listened to the play in question, but they played enough clips throughout that I was pretty familiar with it by the end! The writer (Anita Sullivan) was there, as well as the commissioner for Wales and Tom Price, who plays PC Andy (he was pretty important in Asylum, so that was why he was there). It was really interesting, AND I got to keep a copy of the script at the end! I was also filmed afterwards for a vox pop thing for the BBC- that may go up on youtube sometime, so if it does I'll link to it here and you can all hear how stupid I sound/see what I look like in real life.

The journalism workshop today was also really interesting, although at first the guy holding it started to talk about statistics and I began to glaze over because maths is definitely Not My Thing. However it turned out to be more about analysing what statistics are really telling you, and ways in which the media uses statistical data to create a story. It turned out to be pretty fascinating, actually, and I'll certainly never take figures at face value again! After that I got another cool freebie, which was a bright highlighter-orange BBC Radio 4 Students t-shirt. I shall wear it with pride!

Well, that's all that happened, I guess (it would have been much longer if the News Quiz hadn't been canceled ):). I'm sorry I don't have pictures for you but I don't think they allowed photography at the events anyway. I hope it was fairly interesting, anyway. Somewhat gratifyingly, two of the BBC people I met had English Literature degrees! So you never know, I could be helping out with Torchwood 2015 or something.
It's occurred to me that you guys might not know about this game, which is a heinous mistake that must be corrected immediately. Remember the link to the Moe Anthro tanks game that I posted a while back? This game is even crackier. Basically, it's a Japanese (of course) game that features the President of America Michael Wilson in a giant mecha fighting his evil megalomanaical vice-president RICHAAAAAAARD Hawk, all the while egged on by his obviously homicidal secretary. Large chunks of America get blown up for freedom.

Here's the trailer

And here's a let's play of the demo

It's basically the kind of game that America himself would totally enjoy.

EDIT: On a completely unrelated note, I did a small fill for the Burst of Sunshine round here, in which Howell/Wales makes a triumphant return.

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It's come to my attention that today is National Poetry Day! I love poetry (I'm doing my dissertation on John Milton, so I'd better) and I thought I'd mark the occasion by putting up a poem I like very much, by one of my favourite women poets: Charlotte Mew.

The Call
by Charlotte Mew (1869 – 1928)

From our low seat beside the fire
Where we have dozed and dreamed and watched the glow
Or raked the ashes, stopping so
We scarcely saw the sun or rain
Above, or looked much higher
Than this same quiet red or burned-out fire.
To-night we heard a call,
A rattle on the window-pane,
A voice on the sharp air,
And felt a breath stirring our hair,
A flame within us: Something swift and tall
Swept in and out and that was all.
Was it a bright or a dark angel? Who can know?
It left no mark upon the snow,
But suddenly it snapped the chain
Unbarred, flung wide the door
Which will not shut again;
And so we cannot sit here any more.
We must arise and go:
The world is cold without
And dark and hedged about
With mystery and enmity and doubt,
But we must go
Though yet we do not know
Who called, or what marks we shall leave upon the snow.

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Might as well commit myself to this here. A Middleman/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya crossover has pretty much eaten any part of my brain that could be used for anything useful. Anybody here interested in that kind of thing?

(alternatively, anyone with any MiddleKnowledge that might be useful in getting them both to Japan would be very welcome)

yes, I'm still into Hetalia. You're not getting rid of me that easily!


Sep. 19th, 2009 05:55 pm
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So I am back in Cardiff, finally, and about to start the last year of my English degree. I wish I could say that I was looking forward to it but I am actually bricking it because holy crap I am starting the last year of my English degree. Also I loathe leaving home- so much that I had stomach pains earlier today and have been in such a tizz that I left all my books back in London. None of them were especially important, but, well, when you're already freaking out not having your precious books (and my new Chuck dvds! THANK YOU, THE UNIVERSE) is practically the end of the world.

But, well, there's new Merlin tonight and I have a full packet of kit-kats in my desk drawer. The world hasn't ended just yet.


Sep. 7th, 2009 05:16 pm
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I am so BORED. Bored enough to actually BLOG about being bored, which must have created some kind of black hole somewhere. Also bored enough to pick up where I left off when I started watching Lovely Complex, which is an anime about a very tall girl falling in love with a very short boy (apparently that's an issue in Japan?). It's much better than it sounds, believe me. although the episode I just watched did go on about 'emotional breasts' a lot

Just so this entry isn't completely useless, I'll give you all some links.

I am a Scientist music video (Tenth Doctor)

A compliation of those awesome Hetalia ipod commercial things

And just to make the transition especially jarring:

On a serious note, poems for the last of WW1, found on the BBC website. I like the Carol Ann Duffy one best, although Gillian Clarke is one of my favourite poets.

So does anyone have anything more interesting happening in their lives right now?

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cricket fanart still forthcoming

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I really need to stop posting like, every other day. The sad fact is that I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO but fart about on the internets and inform you all about the silly things that my head has come up with. Anyway, here's some stuff that I found amusing when I discovered it, and you, dear readers, might like too:

British Food, by a British person

Inglourious Plummers

Cup of Brown Joy (super old, but never fails to raise a smile)

Chris vs. Pokemon I'm playing through Platinum right now and just so we're all aware, Fantina is a bitch.


Canada on zombies

And your usual 'argh what is up with my brain' fic idea:

Plague is sweeping towards Europe- in order to avert this disaster, France, England and Spain go on a pilgrimage to Rome and swap stories on the way. Hijinks ensue.

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Okay so my internet got back sooner that expected! Not only that, but my dad fixed my wireless card so now I can surf to my heart's content. Now I promise really and truly not to vanish unexpectedly again.

Anyway, I have also put up some fanart on the Hetalia comm over here.

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 The Arctic Monkeys just covered Red Right Hand in their live webcast.

Excuse me, I'll just be over here squealing like the little fangirl that I am.

Mind you, Alex Turner could sing the phone book and I'd still listen to him <3


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