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I got a professional (namely my brother) in to deal with my lich problem in Skyrim- he defeated it in a matter of minutes, all the while deriding my 'skills' and boggling at the quantity of crap I'd been hoarding in my inventory. Maybe one day I'll *need* that potion of weak minor frenzy, brother! And then you'll be sorry! I am tremendously grateful to him for helping me out, though, and the lich dropped a sweet Doctor Doom mask that looks hilarious when worn with my character's usual outfit of leather armour and a big axe.

Anyway, this means that Skuld Wyrmsdottir is now the Arch-Mage and I've spent a few of my in-game hours clearing the room she was given of everything sellable and wasting that money on a really slow horse. Now I'm pursuing the main questline (hoping to get some better dragon shouts- 'calm animal' is for sissies) as well as doing some work for the Bard's College. I hope I can make my character sing at some point! That would be sweet.

Is anybody else getting the mammoth-humping glitch in their game? Whenever I see mammoths there's always one perched halfway up the backside of another. In the half-dawn of a Nordic winter I find it a quietly majestic sight.

I apologize for the current deluge of Skyrim! Soon I will be working and I will have to leave the land of the Nords behind for a while, so please bear with me until then :p


Nov. 11th, 2011 01:39 pm


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I went to the Eurogamer expo with [ profile] flying_girl73 today! It was the first thing of this kind I'v been to and it was pretty fun! I got to try demos of Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 multiplayer (no story, boo), Rift for... some reason, Arkham City, Assassin's Creed: Revelations and a bunch of other stuff. I also won a keyring for knowing Mr. Freeze's real name and where Batman's parents were killed, which was both kind of nice and a crippling conformation of my nerdiness.

Mass Effect 3 was the demo that was available in America with no new stuff. I was pleased to see the krogan princess irl though, her design looks great (I didn't realise she was wearing a veil!). I also liked that they retained the different-guns-do-different-stuff thing, so I could switch up to deal with shields and armour. On a more embarassing note, it took me ten minutes to work out how to climb a ladder. Damn those Ceberus fiends and their complicated technology!

Assassin's Creed: Revelations was just the multiplayer, which is more or less the same as Brotherhood multiplayer but streamlined a bit more- choosing ability sets is easier, I found that bleding worked a little better, etc. It's also set in somehwere new (middle east?) and I really enjoyed seeing the new character models. The lady models all look super fun! I wonder if you could cosplay them.

Arkham City was also really fun. Playing as Catwoman was great, and I loved her capoeira-y fighting style. It looked very awesome and graceful, and quite different from Batman's. Batman himself is pretty much as he was in Arkham Asylum! However it looks like he has some new gadgets (got to use a radio scanner) so that'll be fun. There's also more crime scene-y elements (the demo ended with trying to work out a bullet trajectory). They redacted the impirtant plot details during cutscenes, which got kind of confusing!

Uncharted 3 multiplayer was super hard because I am a complete dweeb at that kind of thing, but at least it was pretty!

(I also had a guy hit on me while I was playing Mass Effect 3, which was... interesting.)

I leave you with the only celebrity I met:

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So regular readers of this blog will know that I a) find Ezio Auditore da Firenze very very hot and b) have a thing for Roman soldiers.

I just played the Passion Play Level (there are no good screenshots of him in the outfit why is this so)

I'll, uh... I'll be in my bunk.
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I got [ profile] evilsherbear and [ profile] featheredraven 's postcards this morning! They're so brilliant, I love the little drawings you did me :D (and HOLY CRAP A WONDY POSTCARD WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU FIND IT). Thank you so much! They brightened my day considerably (we have roadworks going on outside the house atm and the drilling. Will not. END.). I hope that mine got through okay too.

In other news, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood continues to be entertaining (I have recruited all my bb assassins! They are so cute) although I remain terrible at stabbing dudes in the neck. I thought I was okay at multiplayer buuuut apparently not any more? I spent most of my last few matches hiding in a haystack. This was alternated with playing Space Marine which.... eeeh. It's mainly for Warhammer 40k fans and no-one else, although it has an amazing female Imperial Guard called Lieutenant Mira who is, shock, fully clothed, non-sexualised, badass and competent. She even ties her hair back for combat. I am in love with her.
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Title: Buried Deep
Author: [info]thewaterbandit
Spoilers: None
Warnings: I don't know any Italian at all so Ezio's dialogue might sound kind of weird.
Rating: G
Summary: This is for that very small overlap of Assassin's Creed/Doctor Who fans in the big Venn diagram that is fandom. Basically holy crap, Ezio totally met Rory.

"Is this some kind of Templar trick?" Ezio asks, throwing the plumed Centurion's helmet aside. "Or are you a new kind of follower of Romulus, playing at soldiers?" )
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So, things I have done recently:

1. Signed on to recieve Jobseeker's Allowance, which was made a billion times more complicated than it needed to be by the byzantine online system. I get it, government, you don't want to give me money, please try not to make the fact quite so depressingly obvious.

2. Reached A Storm of Swords, part 2 in my epic A Song of Ice and Fire readathon. I have a huge crush on both Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, which I suspect might become awkward in later books.

3. Traded in La Noire (review: Cole Phelps is an annoying little pill) for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood! I am the world's worst assassin (blundering off rooftops is a speciality) but I am having a ball. Ezio remains devastatingly handsome, and if I squint in the Desmond bits it's a bit like playing Uncharted! Also in combat you can kick people in the nuts, which because I am twelve is the most amusing thing ever.

4. Doctor Who is... eeh. I'm enjoying th Adventures in Rory Punching Things bits, and next week's episode looks FANTASTIC. Older Amy with a sword! YES.

5. Worked on various fandomy things ([ profile] spicyshimmy, check your spam filter!). As AUs go, which one would you guys rather? More Western DA2 or pulp adventure DA2?
So! In an effort to stop playing Dragon Age 2 so much I traded in some old DS games and got Pokemon Black. I've got a Tepig! His name is Sizzles! I am nicknaming all my pokemon this time around because I enjoy coming up with derpy names for them. The one I'm proudest of so far is my Munna named Cobb. because he influences dreams.

I need to get out more.

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Some assorted news

1. Halo: Reach is super fun and I appreciate playing a lady Spartan in-story so much, you don't even know.

2. Apparently I'm not done writing Romefic. Also, Germania was a hella scary place if you were a Roman, what with the murderous locals, massive forests and trees covered in skulls. Why don't canon!Rome and Germania reflect this? It'd be way more interesting!

3. Finally on season 4 of Supernatural! Oh hai thar, Castiel, the way everyone went on about you I was expecting you to turn up in season 1.
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Oh, hey! I haven't talked in a while, huh? So tell you what, here is what has been up with me and you can tell me what has been up at your end!

Doctor Who, Yostuba, plus video games! My life is so rich and interesting shutup )

Anyway that's it apart from to warn you that I'm working at data entry two days a week at the moment, and that it's so boring that it sometimes saps my will to live, so if I don't get back to you for a while that's probably why.
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So for the two or three people who care, I finished Mass Effect 2.

Cut for length )

Mass Effect 3 is going to be one hell of a ride.
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So I'm nearly at the end of the reading week that I had such big plans for and I really have nothing to show for it apart from a nearly-completed Mass Effect 2. Greaaaaaaat. I say nearly completed because everything I have learned from hints and small spoilers tells me that I am in for the beating of my life in the final chapter of this thing and... um.. I am scared to finish the game. I don't want any of my squadmates to die! I don't want fem!Shepard to die! And every time I have faced the Collectors so far they've given me an incredibly thorough asskicking.

(Going aboard the Migrant Fleet was wicked awesome, though. It certainly fulfilled my massive craving for Quarian story even if Adam Baldwin was the unlikliest Quarian ever)

In non-gaming news, this is awesome.
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Back home for reading week! It's great to be back, especially as Mass Effect 2 was waiting for me. Oh Commander Fem!Shepard, I don't care what Bioware says you are the number one space hero of my heart.

So, to celebrate my return, here's that meme that's been floating about.

This is a variation on the 'top five list' meme, but this time, you get to ask about the characters I write.

The questions can be silly (five times America should have kept his mouth shut), serious (five things the Fire Nation can't forget), a mixture (five trips the Doctor didn't take), meta (five fics I never wrote), or whatever else strikes your fancy. Please try to stick to characters for whom I've written substantial things, or characters about whom you know I have some kind of solid headcanon. Any fandom for which I've written is fine. Bonus points for original characters--feel free to ask twice!
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Okay, so the last post was  a bit negative, so I thought I'd take the little bit of time I have between now and church to talk about something I did enjoy.

I enjoyed it so much I'm going to waste all of your time gushing about it )
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Argh Dragon Age: Origins why are you so good. Even if Alastair talks like no British person I have ever met (his accent is weirdly stilted- I'm putting this down to his voice actor maybe not being English).

Between this and the amazing vomiting abilities of my cat I am never going to get any of my essays done at this rate.
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Okay, now to post something else because I don't want moe Nazi vehicle girls to be the first thing people see when they visit my blog. (Let's all hold hands and try to move on)

I saw District 9 yesterday! Finally. The first time my brother and I went to see it, we'd been sold a ticket for a screen which was actually being repaired- the Odeon people were very nice about it, though, and refunded us and gave us free tickets. So we went back on Friday instead, and I had an ice-cream and we got to sit in the Premier seats, which was very nice indeed. Some points about the film:
  • Damn is it gory. Lots and lots of people got gibbed on-camera. I'm glad I finished my ice-cream in the adverts. (also, the middle section of the film, in the (SPOILER HIGHLIGHT TO READ) medlabs, when Wikus was being experimented on, was grooooooosssss. As was his tranformation. Grosssss)
  • All of the characters in the film were great. I liked how they set Wikus up as an antagonist- I'm not going to call him a hero- and made him really difficult to root for. Seriously, aborting alien eggs and laughing while they scream=not cool. As well as using Christopher's son to get what he wants (threatening him, lying to him. Not Cool.) Although I don't think he deserved all that happened to him, I found it extremely hard to feel sorry for him. Especially when he clonked Christpher on the head. Dick.
  • It was interesting watching the film and knowing that this was made as a result of Halo falling through. In a way, it was almost a deconstruction of that kind of aliens-vs-humans story- the aliens were (for the most part) quite pathetic, only really threatening due to their seperation from humanity (it's notable that Christopher is the closest thing the film had to a hero, and his blog talks about integrating with humans and how MNU has prevented that)  and the humans were almost universally dickish. No heroic Master Chef Chief here.
TL:DR= good film, you should watch it. Just don't eat beforehand.

Now I'm going to see if I can shake this damn back pain and persuade my brother to play some more Uncharted. Oh Nathan Drake, you are the soaking wet hero of my heart. (there's a whole 'nother essay on video games and the female gaze in that)
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Hello all! Here's some more stuff from the vaults, this time everything still decent that I found on my hard drive. There's quite a bit of it, so buckle in.

Hueg liek xbox )
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Okay, so I said I was going to be more active on here and then promptly vanished for two/three weeks. Smart move, self.

So here's all the art from my sketchbook that's post-worthy so far.

Warning, huge )


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