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Okay, now to post something else because I don't want moe Nazi vehicle girls to be the first thing people see when they visit my blog. (Let's all hold hands and try to move on)

I saw District 9 yesterday! Finally. The first time my brother and I went to see it, we'd been sold a ticket for a screen which was actually being repaired- the Odeon people were very nice about it, though, and refunded us and gave us free tickets. So we went back on Friday instead, and I had an ice-cream and we got to sit in the Premier seats, which was very nice indeed. Some points about the film:
  • Damn is it gory. Lots and lots of people got gibbed on-camera. I'm glad I finished my ice-cream in the adverts. (also, the middle section of the film, in the (SPOILER HIGHLIGHT TO READ) medlabs, when Wikus was being experimented on, was grooooooosssss. As was his tranformation. Grosssss)
  • All of the characters in the film were great. I liked how they set Wikus up as an antagonist- I'm not going to call him a hero- and made him really difficult to root for. Seriously, aborting alien eggs and laughing while they scream=not cool. As well as using Christopher's son to get what he wants (threatening him, lying to him. Not Cool.) Although I don't think he deserved all that happened to him, I found it extremely hard to feel sorry for him. Especially when he clonked Christpher on the head. Dick.
  • It was interesting watching the film and knowing that this was made as a result of Halo falling through. In a way, it was almost a deconstruction of that kind of aliens-vs-humans story- the aliens were (for the most part) quite pathetic, only really threatening due to their seperation from humanity (it's notable that Christopher is the closest thing the film had to a hero, and his blog talks about integrating with humans and how MNU has prevented that)  and the humans were almost universally dickish. No heroic Master Chef Chief here.
TL:DR= good film, you should watch it. Just don't eat beforehand.

Now I'm going to see if I can shake this damn back pain and persuade my brother to play some more Uncharted. Oh Nathan Drake, you are the soaking wet hero of my heart. (there's a whole 'nother essay on video games and the female gaze in that)


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