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Oh, hey! I haven't talked in a while, huh? So tell you what, here is what has been up with me and you can tell me what has been up at your end!

Last Saturday's Doctor Who episode was kind of blah to me- I didn't really feel the elderly villagers as a credible, scary threat and I was hoping that we'd see more of why Rory and Amy actually stay together beyond 'aw look they love each other'. Well, der, of course they love each other, they're getting married. But why did Amy decide to marry Rory? What makes their relationship work in the face of the Doctor? Speaking of the Doctor, I really liked the Dream Lord being aspects of himself (it kind of saved the ep, really) and it made me want to go back and watch all of the Dream Lord's bits again to pay closer attention to what he was saying and what he created. Like Rory and Amy's whole 'boring-small-village-life'- is that what he secretly thinks life is like for his companions when they leave? Interesting.

On the comic front I've just got Yotsuba&! volume 5! Which is brilliant! Not as good as volume 4 (well, volume 4 had 'Fuuka has heartbreak' and 'The Yotsuba Newspaper', two of the funniest things I've ever read in a manga) but we did finally get to meet Yanda who is, as promised, No Good. And also now Yostuba's mortal enemy (he ate her ice cream). Granted, Yostuba is kind of a brat but at least she has the excuse of being about six- I don't know what Yanda's probem is.

I also got Immortal Iron Fist: The Mortal Iron Fist a while back, which is good but not as good at the Fraction series (also kind of... eeeuggh on its depiction of women). Still quite funny, though, and lots of face-kicking kung fu action which is what I want. Plus Phonogram: The Singles Club, which nobody but me is interested in.

Oh yeah, and I'm playing Valkyria Chronicles now, which is a good game but kind of haaaarrrd (and no difficulty settings!) and Torchlight via Steam for mac, which is amazing and can be summarized as World of Diablocraft. You can have a cat that shoots fireballs. You should get it. 

Anyway that's it apart from to warn you that I'm working at data entry two days a week at the moment, and that it's so boring that it sometimes saps my will to live, so if I don't get back to you for a while that's probably why.


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