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I have lately been enjoying Phineas and Ferb (it's totaly [ profile] rionaleonhart's fault) but due to the kind of show it is- i.e utterly insane- my mind is brimming with questions. So many questions! So many, in fact, that I've decided to set them out here for future reference, as it is from questions like these that fic is made and it's nice to have a list. (I do this internally for all my fandoms: see also- who taught Merlin to read? What religion did they have on Gallifrey, if any? Why doesn't Rarity see her parents very often but regularly has her little sister visit? Does Anders speak Anderfels-ian? Phineas and Ferb just seems to generate more than average)

Two sections here because the questions tend to cluster.

  • How did they get a pet platypus and what on earth do they feed him?
  • Where did Perry find a tiny fedora and how does it stay on his head?
  • Why doesn't he ever use his poisonous spurs?
  • How come Ferb still has his accent?
  • Does it have something to do with him not talking much?
  • What on earth do the two of them get out of ordinary school?
  • Where do they get the money for their projects?
  • In Rollercoaster: the Musical Phineas seems to imply that he has all the right permits so do they get planning permission for all their projects?
  • Who the hell gives two children planning permission to build giant mazes and rollercoasters across town?

  • Is English his first language?
  • What language do they even speak in Gimmelstump, I mean what kind of Eastern European country has ocelots and kickball and still wears lederhosen (actually I have a theory about it being a province of Latveria, Dr. Victor von Doom's country, that might explain this)
  • How did Doofenshmirtz learn to read and write from ocelots?
  • Or get any kind of education really?
  • Or subsequently get into university in order to be educated to PHD level?
  • I assume his doctorate is in engineering?
  • ALSO how did he get the money to leave Gimmelstump in the first place, did he win a scholarship? I find this unlikely given how spectacularly unlucky he is.
  • Also the aforementioned ocelot thing.
  • Also he's incredibly well adjusted considering his childhood. Good going Doof.
  • Do the Danville police have an arrangement with Major Monogram re: the scientist who commits what are (admittedly half-arsed) acts of terrorism against THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA or do they just not care considering how ineffective he is?
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