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So I finished Dragon Age 2 )

Welp, it was no Mass Effect, that's for sure. But it filled the gap for a while and I'm not sorry I played it. I'll be giving it a rest for a while then starting an M!Hawke playthrough, or maybe another Zinda playthrough now I know what to avoid.
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Yes that's my prized Green Lantern t-shirt. Unexpectedly harsh review today, I think being hungry when I filmed it made me crosser.
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It's been so long since I've blogged properly about anything, so here's a reaction post for parts 1 & 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures with The Doctor and Jo Grant in!

Non spoilery: Russel T Davies was totally watching The Big Bang when he came up for the finale of this episode.
Spoilery stuff behind here! Also I use caps and italics rather a lot )

In conclusion, IS IT CHRISTMAS YET.
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Protaginists today for [ profile] meltedpeep ! This one was very fun to put together, I hope you enjoy it.

*cue powerup theme music* )

Tomorrow, the one I'm sure will be entertaining: Crossovers I haven't done yet and What I Look For In Fanfic. Should be good!
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Today I'm answering [ profile] solaeris ' 'Name your top five antagonists'.

Sit down at my table... put your mind at ease! )

Tomorrow, protagonists!
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1. People have a right to be offended

This is the most important point so I'm putting it first. Just because you, personally, don't find something offensive doesn't mean that somebody else won't, especially in cases of racism, sexism, transphobia, etc. And that other person will be perfectly justified in taking offence. It's not being 'oversensitive' or 'harshing your squee' (though if it does make you feel guilty you might want to take another look at the source material). In pretty much every case, it's a legitimate response to something hurtful, and should at least be treated with respect.

(as a sidenote: not being offended doesn't make you a bigot. Belittling people who are offended kind of makes you a dick, though)

2. Our fandom is important to us

We all love fandom. It's an escape from the 'real world', a chance to be creative and meet people from all over the world (at least that's what Hetalia has been to me). So how hurtful must it be when your release valve turns around and bites you in the arse, figuratively speaking? When characters you love and have invested time in become mouthpieces for cheap, offensive gags that you've heard too many times already? It really, really sucks. Yeah, it's not the end of the world, but it's your stuff, dammit, and it hurt you.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with this bit. Some people defend their fandom to the very death. Some people just ignore the problematic aspects. Some people don't. That's where we come back to point 1, and being offended.

3. Resources, resources!

For those of us who weren't aware of our privilege before we got on the internet, the web has a brilliant range of stuff for us to read. Maybe this way, we can be better informed next time something like this rolls around. These links on scans_daily's profile are a great place to start.

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Okay so I haven't been around for a while. Here's what's been happening in my life:

1. Finished essays. Yes, you can commence hating me now (but they still need formatting and stuff, and I'm not sure about one of them... but those are concerns for after Christmas).

2. Decided to apply for a Master's degree at Cardiff, so that's next year sorted I guess (providing I get in).

3. Cleared up a lot of cat vomit, seriously my cats are like vomit machines. I think they do it to spite me.

4. Read most of the new manga at my local library. I have now started on the new graphic novels :p (I can recommend Skip Beat, but avoid High School Debut if, like me, you get weird Cullen-y vibes from a guy 'coaching' a girl on how to get a boyfriend by mostly telling her she's useless. Oh, I never told you guys I got dragged to see New Moon! Yeah, I don't recommend that either)

5. Played the crap out of Dragon Age: Origins. I just acquired possibly the world's first fashion conscious golem! How cool is that?!

And now because I feel bad just talking about my boring life (and in celebration of the Iron Man 2 trailer) here's the Iron Man Theme Song (not the version you think it is).

I really feel like doing another fanficcy meme. Does anyone know if there are any floating about?
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So I sampled Sarah Jane Adventures! It was pretty good- not exactly my thing, really, but I enjoyed its take on the 'I deal with aliens' scenario and it's refreshing to have main characters who are all different. I especially enjoyed Rani and her mum! Incidentally, it seemed to be the week for disaster weddings, though Merlin's troll wedding was significantly sillier. Also I'm pretty willing to bet money it wasn't just magic that was making Uther act stupid. My iplayer download queue looks a little odd now because I had Merlin, Sarah Jane and then The Thick Of It. One of these things is not like the others, folks.

I am actually back home for reading week! Which means that I get to watch telly at odder times than I normally do and that led to watching a Time Team about WW2 archaeology. And they found a bunker intended for the British resistance in case of a successful Nazi invasion. The idea of Britain in WW2 is something that I grew up with- it was a long time ago and when we get taught it it always seemed that we knew we were going to win. Looking at that bunker, which was prepared for goodness only knows what, and hearing about Home Guard training (my grandpa, who was in a protected industry (making spitfires) was in the Home Guard) and how they were only expected to hold the Nazis up, not win, not live, made all a little... realer. Something to consider for fic, maybe. I dunno.

This was a bit tangenty but I wanted to share, esp. with November 11 coming up! It's not a bit of history that I knew about and I thought it was cool.

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Okay, now to post something else because I don't want moe Nazi vehicle girls to be the first thing people see when they visit my blog. (Let's all hold hands and try to move on)

I saw District 9 yesterday! Finally. The first time my brother and I went to see it, we'd been sold a ticket for a screen which was actually being repaired- the Odeon people were very nice about it, though, and refunded us and gave us free tickets. So we went back on Friday instead, and I had an ice-cream and we got to sit in the Premier seats, which was very nice indeed. Some points about the film:
  • Damn is it gory. Lots and lots of people got gibbed on-camera. I'm glad I finished my ice-cream in the adverts. (also, the middle section of the film, in the (SPOILER HIGHLIGHT TO READ) medlabs, when Wikus was being experimented on, was grooooooosssss. As was his tranformation. Grosssss)
  • All of the characters in the film were great. I liked how they set Wikus up as an antagonist- I'm not going to call him a hero- and made him really difficult to root for. Seriously, aborting alien eggs and laughing while they scream=not cool. As well as using Christopher's son to get what he wants (threatening him, lying to him. Not Cool.) Although I don't think he deserved all that happened to him, I found it extremely hard to feel sorry for him. Especially when he clonked Christpher on the head. Dick.
  • It was interesting watching the film and knowing that this was made as a result of Halo falling through. In a way, it was almost a deconstruction of that kind of aliens-vs-humans story- the aliens were (for the most part) quite pathetic, only really threatening due to their seperation from humanity (it's notable that Christopher is the closest thing the film had to a hero, and his blog talks about integrating with humans and how MNU has prevented that)  and the humans were almost universally dickish. No heroic Master Chef Chief here.
TL:DR= good film, you should watch it. Just don't eat beforehand.

Now I'm going to see if I can shake this damn back pain and persuade my brother to play some more Uncharted. Oh Nathan Drake, you are the soaking wet hero of my heart. (there's a whole 'nother essay on video games and the female gaze in that)
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Was... kind of disappointing, actually. I only really go to these things for two reasons- 1. To get nerd stuff cheaply and 2. To see the cool cosplay. Sadly, the dealers this year weren't very good. Not if you didn't want to buy autographs or props. Also, the stuff was a bit expensive, but I suppose that's the recession for you! But I met some really nice people and saw some really cool cosplays.

And yes, I saw two Hetalia cosplayers!

And about five million Stormtroopers- are the obligatory at cons or what? )

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So I went into London with [profile] flying_girl73 today to look at comics and generally bum around, and I took my camera with me as a dry run for taking photos at the London Film & Comic Con on Saturday (which I am SO PSYCHED about attending!). So, I figured that some of you might be interested in London and what I get up to when I'm not on the internet. At the very least, you can see what I look like!
with special guest guide Mr. A Kirkland )
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 Because if this blog isn't for self-entitled ramblings, then I don't know what it's for.

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

I asked [ profile] futuresoon , and she gave me:

kung-fu action Jesus Doctor, the Bugle, Asterix, crossovers, England-the-country )


Jul. 11th, 2009 01:42 pm
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What with the 1965 orphanage in Scotland and Torchwood in Wales, the Children of Earth/Hetalia crossover I'm writing is rapidly turning into This is Why England Doesn't Talk About His Brothers. Or rather, This is Why England's Brothers Don't Talk To Him.

p.s Does anyone have any good ideas for a non-stereotypical Scottish name? My brain is stuck on Hamish, which is NOT HELPFUL.

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soooooo [ profile] _solaeris asked me yesterday for my opinions on Andy vs John (from the Bugle, which you can find and listen to here, and comes highly recommended if, like me, you enjoy satire, nonsense and undisguised animal lust for long-dead historical figures and, occasionally, Her Majesty the Queen) and I cheerily replied "oh yes, as soon as I get back from work'. Cut to eight hours later and sitting in an un-air conditioned office staring at spreadsheets all day had so sapped my will to live that I just could not face looking at another computer. So, here, slightly belatedly, is the Andy vs John smackdown.

Measured in three areas: Physical Attractiveness, Comedy, and Career )
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Title: Homeland
Authour/Artist: Meeeeee
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Russia, Lithuania. Mentions of Prussia and Poland
Rating: G
Warnings: Russia
Summary: Written for a prompt from [profile] flying_girl73 : Hetalia, Scarf, Chest, Apple. Obviously this called for a srs-business examination of Russia's three occupations of Lithuania.

My first Russia & Lithuania fic behind the cut! )

Decided to stop dithering and just post the damn thing.
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Picked this up from [ profile] futuresoon :

Comment to this and I'll ask about three of your fandoms.

01. What first got you into this fandom?
02. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03. Favourite episodes/book/films/etc.
04. Do you participate in this fandom (fiction, graphics, discussion)?

Mine were Hetalia, Heroes, and Avatar )
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That 'rant about four things given to you by someone else' meme, topics provided by [ profile] fabledquill . They are: Good books, trees, your family, food, art.

Warning: Copius amounts of rambling under the cut )


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