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Happy Christmas eve, everybody! As usual my grandparents are visiting my family with all the attendant 'fun' that that entails, but I wanted to pop on here and wish you all a very merry Christmas and sort out a few items of business that fell by the wayside during workaggeddon.

1. Like many others, I have blown the dust of my old Dreamwidth account. I'm giefu over there- I'm already friends with [ profile] rionaleonhart, and if you have an account, I'd love to see you over there too!

2. Community is awesome and I am late to the party as per usual. I mainlined at least two episodes a day for two weeks and have developed a crush on Abed, it's insane.

3. I finished the main quest on Skyrim and am still dragging Erik the Slayer around in lieu of actually marrying him (he's bugged, alas).

4. Tumblr has eaten my life. Send help.
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So, I have been working hard for the moneys and haven't had much free time to myself to do anything other than come down with a  truly horrific cold and play Skyrim. I've been amusing myself by writing up some drabbles from my main playthrough: Skuld Wrymsdottir met up with Erik the Slayer (who is nice but a bit stupid) and Barbas, who is a talking dog. Together the three of them roam around Skyrim having hijinks. Right now they're solving a grisly murder although it's more Inspector Clouseau than, say, The Killing.

(Let me gush for a moment about The Killing (the second series of the Danish crime drama, not the inferior shouty American remake)- I LOVE THE KILLING. It is SO GOOD. I especially love how Sarah Lund, the main character, is a female lead who is allowed to look tired all the time and walks away in the middle of conversations that don't interest her. She is amazing. I love her).

Anyway, here are the aforementioned drabbles, reposted from my tumblr. In The Hangover, Skuld regrets interrupting a murder investigation for a drinking contest, and in Seems Legit we see that she is a terrible judge of character.

The Hangover )

Seems Legit )
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So! I have done my two says' training and am now fully qualified to use a till in John Lewis apart from the fact where I am terrified of making mistakes with the money. It happened for a while when I worked at the library about four years ago, and I really hope it doesn't happen again because money hiccups are a much bigger deal at a big department store.

Anyway, it's completely exhausting, Monday-Friday work that has me travelling home in the dark and completely unable to keep up the chores at home, which makes the parents cross (not at me! Just at the general state of the house)  and then I feel horribly guilty. I also really miss writing.

Remind me why I'm doing this again?

At least the team is fairly nice (I'm in the stationery department) and it's only for a month, but I probably won't be around much until after Christmas. See you all then, I guess!



I saved gifs all year for this )
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Title: Telling Tales
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Summary: Varric isn't the only character with a story to tell.

I keep forgetting to do this auuuugh

(I made up a dwarven legend for this. I really need some hobbies)
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I got a professional (namely my brother) in to deal with my lich problem in Skyrim- he defeated it in a matter of minutes, all the while deriding my 'skills' and boggling at the quantity of crap I'd been hoarding in my inventory. Maybe one day I'll *need* that potion of weak minor frenzy, brother! And then you'll be sorry! I am tremendously grateful to him for helping me out, though, and the lich dropped a sweet Doctor Doom mask that looks hilarious when worn with my character's usual outfit of leather armour and a big axe.

Anyway, this means that Skuld Wyrmsdottir is now the Arch-Mage and I've spent a few of my in-game hours clearing the room she was given of everything sellable and wasting that money on a really slow horse. Now I'm pursuing the main questline (hoping to get some better dragon shouts- 'calm animal' is for sissies) as well as doing some work for the Bard's College. I hope I can make my character sing at some point! That would be sweet.

Is anybody else getting the mammoth-humping glitch in their game? Whenever I see mammoths there's always one perched halfway up the backside of another. In the half-dawn of a Nordic winter I find it a quietly majestic sight.

I apologize for the current deluge of Skyrim! Soon I will be working and I will have to leave the land of the Nords behind for a while, so please bear with me until then :p


Nov. 14th, 2011 10:21 pm
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Nov. 11th, 2011 01:39 pm


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So then I think I got norovirus? Yesterday was mostly sleeping and waiting for the sweet embrace of death after a night filled with terrors. I'm mostly okay now, just waiting for the nausea to subside so I can have an actual cup of tea. My last one was Monday morning and if I don't have one soon people will suffer.

In other news: I have a job! A seasonal one, anyway, working at John Lewis. I don't think it exists outside the UK, so non-UKers, imagine a very swanky department store. I'll be helping them sell stuff over Christmas, and I start just after my birthday. The boost in my finances is very welcome: I'm currently in the middle of the agonizing decision of Assassin's Creed: Revelations vs Skyrim. On the one hand, dragons! On the other, oooh Signore Auditore (Silver Fox Edition!). It is so hard.

Now back to listlessly watching Phineas & Ferb
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Title: Mother Tongue
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Summary: Anders' relationship to language is about as complicated as his relationship to everything else. Dedicated to [ profile] zeitheist, who gave me the initial idea and encouraged the thinky thoughts.

(also an experiment to see if I could write a fic about two languages without having to conclusively state what they speak in the Anderfels)
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I *was* going to do NaNo but then Uncharted 3 came out and... yeah. Apparently the Writer Gods or whatever are punishing me for that because now I have stalled spectacularly on my Anderfels fic. So! The usual response to this is memes. I posted this on my tumblr, but I'd love to do writing here too.


Give me a character and a quote and I'll bash something out for you. Simple as that!
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I have been wanting to do this for a long time! Okay, so as it is Halloween and all things spoooooky are in order, I thought I'd share some original fiction I wrote about three years ago. I like writing horror a lot, and when I write outside of fandom it's my comfort zone, so to speak. I love to do with words what artists like Emily Carroll manage in pictures. Sometimes I even manage it within fandom, although that's rare! re-reading it, I still think this short story is pretty good. I don't think I've ever really matched this again, so it's nice to put it out here and share it with all of you.

The poem is 'Saturday Market' by Charlotte Mew. I have omitted the second stanza for brevity.

Bury your heart in some deep green hollow

Or hide it up in a kind old tree;

Better still, give it the swallow

When she goes over the sea.


They call it Abbott's Water )
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Dear Princess Celestia,

Dressing up is super boss, and next year I am totally going to be Luna.

Your very faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle.

More pictures on my tumblr.

p.s MCM Expo was so fun! I got one of my Wonder Woman comics signed by Gail Simone, I met some other comics writers and artists I admired, I ended up not seeing Adam Howden and Gideon Emery (combination of bad timing and refusing to pay for autographs) and everybody knew who I was and admired the sweatervest. It was amazing. I have completely lost my voice, and want to sleep for a week (and I threatened to barf on poor [ profile] flying_girl73 on the train home- that's her as bunches!Applejack).

No no no

Oct. 27th, 2011 05:47 pm
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I am not getting a cold 2 days before the MCM Expo. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.

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I guess I should tell you guys that I got my dissertation results yesterday! I had to call the office in Cardiff because the system for students who are at home isn't great (blargh) but I got my mark eventually! I got 64, which is a pass- I think it equates to about a 2:1 which is slightly above average.

I can't say I'm massively pleased with what I got: I worked really hard on my dissertation (don't need to tell you guys that!) and I don't really think that the mark reflects the amount of sheer effort I put in, but then I *did* write it on comic books, so maybe I sabotaged myself. :/ To put it in perspective, I got the same mark for my Tolkien essay that I handed in unedited (long story! It involves panic attacks and played out very like Lesson Zero). I'll have a better idea what went wrong when I get the marked version in the post. 

And hey, I'm bandit m.a now, which I guess is nice.
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I have lately been enjoying Phineas and Ferb (it's totaly [ profile] rionaleonhart's fault) but due to the kind of show it is- i.e utterly insane- my mind is brimming with questions. So many questions! So many, in fact, that I've decided to set them out here for future reference, as it is from questions like these that fic is made and it's nice to have a list. (I do this internally for all my fandoms: see also- who taught Merlin to read? What religion did they have on Gallifrey, if any? Why doesn't Rarity see her parents very often but regularly has her little sister visit? Does Anders speak Anderfels-ian? Phineas and Ferb just seems to generate more than average)

Two sections here because the questions tend to cluster.

  • How did they get a pet platypus and what on earth do they feed him?
  • Where did Perry find a tiny fedora and how does it stay on his head?
  • Why doesn't he ever use his poisonous spurs?
  • How come Ferb still has his accent?
  • Does it have something to do with him not talking much?
  • What on earth do the two of them get out of ordinary school?
  • Where do they get the money for their projects?
  • In Rollercoaster: the Musical Phineas seems to imply that he has all the right permits so do they get planning permission for all their projects?
  • Who the hell gives two children planning permission to build giant mazes and rollercoasters across town?

  • Is English his first language?
  • What language do they even speak in Gimmelstump, I mean what kind of Eastern European country has ocelots and kickball and still wears lederhosen (actually I have a theory about it being a province of Latveria, Dr. Victor von Doom's country, that might explain this)
  • How did Doofenshmirtz learn to read and write from ocelots?
  • Or get any kind of education really?
  • Or subsequently get into university in order to be educated to PHD level?
  • I assume his doctorate is in engineering?
  • ALSO how did he get the money to leave Gimmelstump in the first place, did he win a scholarship? I find this unlikely given how spectacularly unlucky he is.
  • Also the aforementioned ocelot thing.
  • Also he's incredibly well adjusted considering his childhood. Good going Doof.
  • Do the Danville police have an arrangement with Major Monogram re: the scientist who commits what are (admittedly half-arsed) acts of terrorism against THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA or do they just not care considering how ineffective he is?
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But if I don't turn it in I will be TARDY D:

I already identified with Twilight Sparkle way too much, but now I realise she is basically me as a purple unicorn. I, too, have had gigantic panic attacks about being tardy, although the threat wasn't magic kindergarten but unspecified horrible crushing failure.
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Today sucked. I think I just blew both jobs (can't really do either). Have some fic.

Title: On the Shoulders of Giants
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Wild mass guessing for The Legend of Korra and blatant character favouritism
Rating: G
Summary: Uncle is a crazy old man. Everyone knows this, so what can Korra learn from him?

Fight smarter )


Oct. 7th, 2011 06:01 pm
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I didn't hear back from the gift shop job all day. Even though they said they'd contact me whether I got it or not to give me feedback.

So that's that then.
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I totally forgot to post about the Doctor Who finale! Which should probably tell you my thoughts on it, I guess. In other words, I was underwhelmed. The fix was completely cheap, I didn't really understand why the Doctor had to marry River, and everything happened way too fast. At least everybody lived, I guess? Merlin was much more satisfying!

Real world wise, I've been applying to jobs left, right and centre and should hear back from 2 interviews I did tomorrow. One of them is something I really want: a job at a gift shop in an historic house. It's only part time and quite difficult to get to, but the people seem really friendly and it's in exactly the sector I want to work in (heritage). Unfortunately my parents don't seem to be so keen: they're more excited about the fact I got offered a 3 month internship in a digital recruitment company writing copy and doing digital things for them. I don't know. Maybe I'm being unambitious but it doesn't appeal to me that strongly at all. And of course I have the interview for this internship on Monday! It seems like a lot of things are happening really quickly and I'm not sure what to do.

Aaaanyway apart from that I've also been enjoying this Pony game. Warning: super addictive!


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